Best Helmet Brands For Skateboarding In 2023

A helmet is an important piece of protection for skateboarders. Skateboarders should make sure that the helmet they choose can withstand hard impacts and is durable enough to last.

Best Helmet Brands For Skateboarding In 2022

There are many types of helmets in the market with different features depending on what you want out of it. This article will be about some options in helmets for Longboarders.

We have carefully considered the safety standards, head shapes and fit styles of best helmet brands to make a list of top 10 best helmet brands for longboard for you. Every helmet on this list meets our research requirements.

  1. Fox Racing Helmets
  2. Bell Helmets
  3. Shred Ready Helmets

Fox Racing Helmets:

Fox Racing was founded in 1974 by Ed Fox. The company has grown into one of the main suppliers of motocross and off-road motorcycle helmets worldwide. They are known for their style and attention to detail.

Fox Racing Helmets is a US-based company that designs and manufactures helmets for all types of sports and outdoor activities. This means that their helmets are specifically designed to suit certain needs – from biking, to snowboarding, to skateboarding, they have a model that will suit your need exactly. The A1 is one of their most popular models – it features a convenient dial system in order to adjust the fit, protection in case of impact (both in the front and back), vents for good airflow in hot climates..

Bell Helmets:

These helmets are certified as one of the top motorcycle helmet manufacturers globally. They have a long history of making helmets and meeting industry standards. They offer a range of products, from high-end to low-end, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect fit for your needs.

Bell Motorcycle Company manufactures helmets, bicycle helmets, snowmobile suits, and other protective equipment for riders and drivers. Bell Helmets is also concerned with motorsports; it sponsors many racers on various motorsports teams.

Shred Ready Helmets:

Shred Ready is a leading manufacturer in the extreme sports industry that manufactures motocross, skateboarding, snowboard, wakeboard, mountain bike, and BMX helmets.

However, many people argue that cheaper and more economical brands also offer an equally good or better level of protection.

Some brands are better worked for specific needs. For example, skateboarding-specific helmets will have features like reinforced foam, which is perfect for skating but not as helpful if you are looking for a helmet to wear while biking or participating in other activities.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing helmets is the sizing. Some brands offer different sizes, but there may be some overlap in what size you need between brands, so make sure to check the sizing charts before purchasing any helmet.

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