10 Good Skateboard Brands You Should Know in 2023

10 Good Skateboard Brands You Should Know in 2023

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List of Peak-Rank Good Skateboard Brands

1. Alien Workshop

It’s a little but ardent team beyond the abnormal-encouraging skate gear from Alien Workshop. Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender built the brand in 1990. Despite some ownership changes and a short closure, the brand has carried on to contribute to the extension and personality of good skateboard culture. The company works out of a former nuclear bunker in Dayton, Ohio, designing, overseeing operations, and shipping from that location. Select from a range of grade and authentic products, adding full boards plus all the elements for customizing. Shop for other stock like clothes, candles, stickers, pins, and patches. All of this means you can simply show your Alien devotion.

2.Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz skateboards could be your good partner if you are into gliding. Production these tricks viable is the brand’s special addition of graphic seals at the below side of the deck. It may be imperceptible, but you’ll feel its impact once you begin taking on ledges.

Another thing that builds these skateboards right for technical skating is their shape, showing the grade construction imposed by the brand on its products.


Setup in 1995, Antihero carried on to be an important skateboard brand up to this day. With the upskill of drivers and upheaval in skateboarding equipment, this brand is able to update their products and stay relevant.

It inspires all skaters to get better by giving support in the form of modern skateboards. What’s better is the brand produces skateboards at affordable prices without compromising grade.

A great example is the Anti Hero Complete Skateboard, which comes with a 7-ply deck and ABEC 5 bearings.

Best Longboard for Beginner

4. Globe

This brand specializes in boards for other sports apart from skateboarding. And equate to some of the past brands, I think this brand has more variety in style.

World has cruisers and longboards for skaters who unlike  to do technical glides. That’s not to say the products aren’t peak-grade. Its cruisers, for example, come with ABEC 7 stance, Tensor trucks, and grip tape.

5. Element Good Skateboard

It’s many than only skateboarding at Element – it’s also about the arts and nature. This Californian company was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, who led with him his “Elementality” observation. The brand’s aim is to be viable while controlling originality, moral practices, supportable, and social initiatives. Its logo surrounds the four elements of wind, water, fire, and earth and is simply identifiable, both in and out of the industry. Grab yourself a full board, or build it original with all the accessories needed for customization. There’s also a full range of clothes for men, women, and kids so that you can deck out the whole family.

6.Zoo York

Zoo York did not have a level business run as other brands did. But the better thing is it came back on track some years back, with Zoo York’s OG 95 being one of the many famous name brand skateboards.

This skateboard characterizes an 8-inch deck with bearings, trucks, grip tape, and decent-grade  hardware. Also, on the below side is the brand’s great design embodying the skate culture the brand imparts.

This design also grew to many of the brand’s skating clothes.

7.Powell Peralta

If there are expert riders, there are also seasoned decks like that of Powell Peralta. Like many famous skateboard brands, these skateboards come with maple, but what builds them original is their infusion of fiberglass.

This brand appears as one of the sturdiest brands on almost any selling platform because of its epoxy-based glue. But on high of a tough build, Peralta skateboards are light.

So, they’re not only right for heavy rides but are also simple and strain-less for the feet.

8.Toy Machine

Pick from a span of deck widths and extent from Toy Machine, adding little sizes correct for child. You can either buy a full board or build your own with the group of decks, wheels, and other accessories. While the company sits below the Tum Yeti distribution company, it’s owned and run by Ed Templeton, who started the brand in 1993. Between the creative designs, you’ll find plenty of bright colors and fun graphics. The seven-ply maple wood building is solid and durable while retaining a better amount of pop – all factors that have gained the brand a loyal following.


Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze are the peak-profile names behind Girl skateboards. As such, you can anticipate top-grade decks with consistency, style, and image, adding seven-ply maple wood building. Look for the distinct girl’s bathroom-style logo as well as a spacious range of graphics. Pick up a deck that you can customize yourself, or keep it easily with a full board adding wheels, trucks, and bearings. Then, round out your wardrobe with a range of clothing, adding tees, hoodies, shorts, and beanies. Lastly, team drivers added Sean Malta, Andrew Brophy, Mike Mo Capaldi, and Cory Kennedy.


Flip was initially set up in the UK in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and executive skateboarder Geoff Rowley. However, the brand built a move to California to take characterizes of the massive American skate market. The addition is top-stage, with standard decks plus the P2 models that use fibre reinforcement for big permanence. Check out the array of psychedelic and fun deck designs, or shop for a full board fitted with trucks, wheels, and bearings. You can also obtain your hands on a little t-shirt.

How to purchase a Good Skateboard?

For few, purchasing a skateboard b could be like selecting the right shirt size, fitting it in, and paying at the counter. However, a skateboard is a strength item and should require consideration of a lot of factors. Here’s a short lead to purchasing skateboards.

1. Know your style

The cause of skateboards vary is to suit dissimilar riding spots. Some skate on the streets and parks, while others favour steep hills and mountains. Knowing your skating style means heading for the many suitable skateboard kinds to execute it good.

Complete vs. Custom

You can buy a skateboard in one of two ways — either as a full , ready-build board or as the separate elements you gather yourself. The former, known as full, is good if you’re new to skateboarding or only should to keep things easy. There can be more overwhelming selection, so this is a good way to keep away from having to build endless decisions, as you’ll obtain a deck with standard wheels, trucks, and bearings, mainly all from the same making. However, if you’ve been skating for a while, have a great plan of what you’d like, or want top-end components, then customizing your own design is perfect. You can mix and match brands, select wheels of dissimilar hardness, and adjust the bearings. Of course, if you opt for a full board, you can always change things up down the track, switching each part out as you desire.

 Age and body build

The sizes of skateboards and their parts perfect particular riding conditions and could be set on without considering age. But in the case of a 5-year-old skater and an adult, adjustments are needed to achieve successful results. If the skater’s close in one teenage years or is somewhere around 11 years old at the least, a full-size skateboard is already relevant. It comes with a deck width of 7.5″ to 8.0″.

Should the skater be not of the extra age but at least 5’0 tall, the same size range still applies.

On the other hand, drivers ten years old at the most can take on junior skateboards sized from 7.25″ to 7.5″ in width and 29″ in length. Such figures also apply if the skater stands below 5’0.

Choose the Right Shop

The good place to purchase a new skateboard or gear is your local skate shop. By doing so, you’ll hold up the local economy and, in turn, the local skate scene, cheer growth in the group. It’s also going to provide you access to the good brands and the topes’ stage of skill, the chance that you’ll obtain perfect what you want and require. Skate shop owners and employees are normally very passionate, knowledgeable, and in the sport themselves. As such, they’ll be able to give good advice and insights. They’ll also stock a range of great grade brands, so you’ll obtain a product that will be strong, durable, and give a good show.

Size Matters

Size is mainly for a pair of causes. Firstly, you require it to match the activity you’re doing, as dissimilar types of skateboarding need dissimilar sized and shaped boards. Secondly, you require the size to fit your frame, important if you’re new to the sport. The primary quantification of a board is the width, which will normally vary from seven to nine inches. The wider the deck, the better the stability, but the more challenging it is to learn and perform tricks. A deck that fits your feet well will provide you a good board feel. Eight inches is a good starting point, except for children who should look a lot at seven inches. However, your size selection can come down to personal show; it just depends on what feels the easiest and most natural for you.


There are a few things to look at with your deck past a cool design and the right size. To start is the extent and the wheelbase. The extent is the quantification tip to tip, while the wheelbase is the space mid the center bolt holder. A shorter wheelbase will build the board many reactive, while a big one grows speed and well suits ramps and pan. Next is the nose and tail, which let you perform tricks like ollies and kickflips. The tail is shorter and steeper for good leverage, while the nose is lengthy and shallower to build, catching it simple. Finally, building is also important. Many designs use North American hard rock maple, with at least seven-ply for a balance of weight and power. top-end models might also have a more layer of reinforcement with carbon fiber or something simple.

What are good skateboards for starters?

Starters skateboarders are not just kids but also older people trying to learn the sport. For starters skaters, the good boards to use are full skateboards.

Other being less costly than customized kits, full skateboards are very straightforward. But note that this kind also comes in varying sizes. So, ensure to obtain the appropriate size and style it with your desired graphics. The stimulation  of skateboarding is beyond clarification for many. Children, young and even mature love the feel of the board below their feet. The plan that you can flit in the air and spin within pools is lovely and thrilling.

However, it all depends on how expert  you are. Also, the board you are using can impact your skating ability. This carries  us to the main part of the discussion: how to pick a board between the good skateboard brands present in the market? If you are an adult border or someone who’s looking to scale up their boarding skills, you should pick a board that fits your needs.

To help you find only the good skateboard out here, here is a review of the high ten skateboard brands.

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